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Ritesh Raghubardayal (aka Rdjarrelis an up and coming artist from the Netherlands.

From a young age however, he had always been exposed to Urban-Pop/Soul/R&B music and inspired by artist Michael Jackson.

The styles and creativity of these artists heavily influenced Rdjarrel as a child. By the age of 25, Rdjarrel committed himself to pursuing a career in music.

Now Rdjarrel is determined to establish himself in the music industry. While he has only grown more passionate about his music, it hasn’t always been easy.

As an independent artist, Rdjarrel must constantly push himself to keep going. Almost all of his projects are written, performed, and produced by himself. 

Rdjarrel is a passionate singer and a versatile performer.

He is an enthusiastic music artist who inspires people with his groundbreaking compositions. His lyrically enriched and soothing tracks attract all lovers from all over the world. People love his music because of the warm lyrics that soothe the soul.

Listeners can hear just how personal Rdjarrel’s music is if they listen to his music.


Rdjarrel’s career is set to take off as he continues to grow as an artist. He worked with Bizarre from D12 on his single “Like it Slow'' and also with other usa Hiphop feat''artists like Joell Ortiz, Gucci Mane, 50 Cent/G-unit (Dj Young Cee mixtape), Faith Evans (coast2coast mixtape).


Fans should be excited for Rdjarrel’s rise as an artist. Unlike other artists who are willing to do anything it takes to make it big, Rdjarrel is determined to focus only on himself and his own development as a person. By doing so, he makes sure that his passion for music comes from deep within, and not from the noise around him. As a native of the Netherlands, Rdjarrel brings a truly cosmopolitan approach to his music when he creates music.






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